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0002926ScribusScripterpublic2014-07-10 04:46
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PlatformAMD XP-2600OSLinuxOS VersionLinux ubuntu 2.6
Product Version1.3.3cvs 
Summary0002926: Running (v0.8.1tk) consumes all resources
DescriptionRunning consumes all the cpu and takes about 15 minutes to run

(Running an older script in 1.2.? against the same set of fonts takes about 10 seconds)

First time I have tried the new so it could be ok, or it could be the Scribus program giving problems
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2005-12-18 13:02

administrator   ~0007764

1.3.x finds more fonts. Do you have any large CJK or Unicode fonts installed?


2005-12-20 05:03

reporter   ~0007796

Last edited: 2007-01-18 09:53

Tried running the script in sections, all Bitstream all Times etc. Each font took 2 - 3 seconds. As it is no big deal, and most likely something to do with my installation, suggest you close the bug.


2006-01-11 10:18

viewer   ~0008026

It is a regression in the scripter we are trying to trace.


2007-01-18 08:51

manager   ~0014850

is this one still presented? I don't think so.


2007-01-18 09:54

reporter   ~0014854

Jan 2007. I had forgotten all about this until Subik's note. I just ran it on SUSE 10.2 base.
It took 25% memory (256MBytes) for a couple of minutes, and no problems.

So maybe it can be closed? I haven't got a working Ubuntu to try it, had other unresolvable problems there.


2007-01-18 10:18

viewer   ~0014855

Yep, it is still here. It seems to go slower as you add pages. Memory consumption is not excessive.


2007-10-08 18:26

reporter   ~0017560

i'm not convinced at all with fontsample script. It is not ergonomic to use the result, and it lacks often the data needed (special char like ยค, various accents, etc.) and it takes hours on older pc with a few too many fonts.
Couldn't we start a brain storming to find a new way to solve this problem ?
Why do i need this ?
- to know if i allready have a specific font.
- to know if a font is complete to keep it for general purpose.
- to know if a subset of char needed exists and is complete for what i intend to do this time.
- to view a font and see how it looks like.
- to compare fonts between each others to see wich one i need.

So, i would like
- to see a list of the fonts with their names and a small char subset from my preferences, with info like date, copyright, type (otf/ps/ttf), size in ko...
- the availability to sort the list according a personal key like family, serif, etc. AND keep this key for next time i call the manager.
- open multiple windows with full char subset to tile and compare them.
Do we need something more ?
Yes, to know what is available in the "invisible" char like space, half space and so on.


2007-10-09 22:20

administrator   ~0017571

I tried to run the script on 0001129:0002500 fonts. After 3 hours I killed Scribus. One of the problems I see is that Scribus has to create thounsands of undo steps during document creation. Is it possible to disable this in the script?


2014-07-10 04:46

updater   ~0032652

old issue that has since been fixed. closing

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