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0002954ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2006-07-18 21:34
Reporterchristoph_s Assigned Tocbradney  
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Product Version1.3 
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Summary0002954: Picture frames should keep the behaviour set in the properties palette
DescriptionWhen a picture is moved and the path has been reset in the "Manage Pictures" dialog, the settings made in the properties palette should remain intact. If Scribus would just compare size resolution and perhaps name of the image, no resizing would be necessary at all, which will be in the user's interest most of the time.
Additional InformationFrom the mailing list:
>>>>Anyway, it is an interesting question if image frames should keep the
>>>>behaviour chosen in the properties palette or if they should switch back
>>>>to default after changing the content.
>> What about a dialog box that asks "Restore Properties to default? (Y/N)" if the
>> properties are not at the default and the image is changed. Best of both
>> worlds, as it were.

Perhaps. It's not necessarily a useful prompt, though, when Scribus
should be able to figure it out its self 95% of the time. All we should
really need to do is compare the image dimensions and resolution, and if
they're the same we can make the reasonable assumption that the user
probably just moved the image, or is replacing it with one they'd
probably like to be positioned the same.

Sure, it'll be wrong some of the time, but the user can easily just fix
those odd cases. I suspect it'd be a lot better than bugging them with a
dialog all the time.

Craig Ringer
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duplicate of 0003190 closedfschmid Manage Pictures: position and size of pictures that are found again are reset 



2006-04-15 18:42

reporter   ~0010015

mhanski: I'm too busy with other things to even consider implementing this, and don't have much else to offer on this. Is there anything in particular you wanted my input on?


2006-04-15 19:04

developer   ~0010016

ringerc: no input necessary, please keep doing other things:)

I only wanted to add you to monitoring users, because this rfe refers to your mail . Some time, when you have more time, you may want to set the status to "acknowledged" or "won't fix".


2006-04-29 20:21

developer   ~0010633

jo-hannes: this one seems pretty much identical to your 0003190 -- which one do you like more: the bug or the feature?

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