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0003094ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-03-30 20:38
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Summary0003094: Add "hyphenation space" to hyphenation features (AKA hyphenation zone for ragged text)
DescriptionMost DTP programs -- and even M$ Word -- allow the definition of an area on the end of a line in which hyphenation is forbidden (the German word is "Flatterzone"): huge space = less hyphenation, small space = more hyphenation.

Scribus should also provide this standard feature in paragraph styles and the properties palette.
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related to 0001475 acknowledged hyphenation: use soft hyphen character (U+00AD) instead signed by ITEXT CSTYLE 8th bit attribute 
related to 0003879 assignedavox Distribute ragged lines 
related to 0003911 closedavox Enable "forced" hyphenation 
related to 0004572 new Hyphenation styles (mockup included) 
related to 0004676 acknowledged feature to mark words as "do not hyphenate" 
child of 0003828 acknowledged Metabug: Hyphenation 



2006-01-25 14:39

developer   ~0008339

Do you mean hyphenation zone for ragged text?


2006-01-25 14:43

administrator   ~0008341

Yes, Louis, exactly. If that's the correct English expression, I will add it to the Wiki, btw.


2006-01-25 16:52

developer   ~0008345

FYI I found the following translations in QXP
FR - Zone de c├ęsure
EN - Hyphenation zone
DE - Silbentrennzone

ID takes the issue from a different point of view and has an option to equilibrate ragged lines with no apparent (not to me at least) control from the user.


2006-01-25 20:03

administrator   ~0008350

Thanks a lot, Louis. I haven't had access to Quark since I was under Linux. It's added to the Wiki.

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