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0003113ScribusShape Drawingpublic2008-09-24 14:18
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Summary0003113: Color substitution.
DescriptionI would like to be able to more easily substitute colors in EPS/SVG files. For example, most imported clip art is black and white; I would like to substitute the proper foreground and background colors of my project, a book cover.
Additional InformationThis is an operation that would be done on a group, or multiple selected objects, and so may be related to bugs 0003108 and 0003109.

The proposed UI would be 'Substitute Colors' in the right-click menu when an item, multiple items, or a group is selected. This would display a dialog with all the colors used in the selected objects on the left hand side. You could then select new colors for these on the right hand side. The changes would apply when 'OK' was selected.

This would also be a convenient way to determine exactly which colors are used by an object or group of objects.
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related to 0003108 closedcbradney Grouped objects don't have working XYZ properties. 
related to 0003109 closedfschmid Changing line/fill properties of a group 
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2006-01-29 23:33

reporter   ~0008476

Another use of this feature would be (for example) in ensuring ISBN barcodes are printed with registration black, not rich black. You should be able to select the barcode and reassign the 'black' color being used.


2006-05-06 23:23

administrator   ~0011037

Sounds reasonable. I wonder how this can be done. avox?


2006-05-07 01:08

reporter   ~0011038

Looks a bit like that one: 0003746 for the top part

Yes, color substitution is a big need. Maybe just select a few colors in the colors dialog, and do a right click or something that would be a "replace with" and under the replace with text there would be a drop down box that would allow you to select a color. Not sure on that, how do Quark/InDesign do that? I think it's that way no?

Also, when we import illustrations there should be a popup that asks the user if he wants to add colors from the illustration or remap them, that could be a bit tricky but it's definitely feasible.

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