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0003295ScribusGeneralpublic2008-12-22 21:35
Reportergpittman Assigned Topierremarchand  
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Product Version1.3.3.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0003295: Display problems when entering rotation from keyboard
DescriptionWhen one creates a group of objects, there are some aberrancies when rotating.
The worst seems to be with a group of draw lines (perhaps also with other shapes, haven't tried.
1. You cannot choose the point of rotation, which seems to be somewhere off the left side and top of the page.
2. If you enter a rotation, such as 90 degrees with the keyboard, the item goes off the page, which wouldn't be so bad, but when you correct the X and Y positions the display of the page is distorted and remains so -- typically part of the page cut off.
It is still possible to save the page (fortunately), but you have to close the document and open it up again to normalize the display.
This also happened with a group of image frames, but did not distort the display. What did happen was the page was shifted in the workspace.
Steps To Reproduce1. Easiest way to demonstrate is to use the attached script, which is the beginnings of a Postnet code maker; right now just displays the digits 0-9 vertically as a series of horizontal lines.
2. Group the line objects.
3. Note that the center point rotation widget is greyed out (inoperable).
4. Enter with the keyboard 90 degrees for rotation.
5. Correct the Y and/or X with the keyboard to bring the group back on the page.
6. Display distorts and remains so.
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has duplicate 0003689 closed SVG rotates not about center 
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2006-02-26 21:10 (7,893 bytes)


2006-04-18 16:45

developer   ~0010101

1. and 2. confirmed with scribus


2006-04-22 09:32

reporter   ~0010301

This also happens
-on imported svg's
-on rotation by mouse


2007-02-11 20:30

administrator   ~0015206

Maciej, can you please retest this with 1338cvs?


2007-02-11 20:30

administrator   ~0015207

Maciej, can you please retest this with 1338cvs?


2007-02-11 21:16

developer   ~0015210

Just tested this with and it seems to be fixed.


2007-02-11 21:24

developer   ~0015211

Well, let me qualify that.
Rotation is fixed and works OK. BUT if you then try to adjust Height or Width, things go haywire. Hard to even describe what's happening - page shifts, and so does the group.


2007-02-11 21:25

developer   ~0015212

This is with the 4 February 2007 cvs by the way.


2007-02-11 22:08

developer   ~0015214

Tried again with version 9 February 2007, same thing.


2007-02-12 08:35

developer   ~0015217

tested with from February 9:

-- issue 2. from the description seems to be gone now, both for manually created groups of both shapes and lines, and for the grouped lines created with the attached

-- issue 1.: the inoperable rotation point for grouped lines seems to be (wrongly) inherited from the properties of the grouped lines -- you cannot change the rotation point, even if you group lines along with _shapes_

-- agree with Greg that changing height/width of the grouped lines leads to some unpredictable behaviour: in my case, I slightly changed the width of the grouped lines, then set the rotation to 1 degree, and the group leaped off the page

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