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0003426ScribusInternalpublic2014-07-17 00:27
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Summary0003426: double clicking a sla file when scribus is already opened opens a second instance of scribus
Descriptionthats not really necessary.
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has duplicate 0006672 closedjghali Second process/instance launches 
has duplicate 0011639 closedjghali Open documents in running instance, please 



2006-03-25 20:29

administrator   ~0009478

won't fix for a while, needs interapplication communication


2006-03-27 02:05

reporter   ~0009486

This isn't an easy one, as Jean mentioned. Single-instance-per-user apps are ... interesting ... to get working right. Ever used an app that exits, or crashes, but really leaves a process running with no windows, so whenever you try to launch a new copy it just asks the non-functional existing process to do something? You have to manually find and kill the misbehaving process, or reboot, to resolve the issue.

Names that come to mind for me include Firefox, Thunderbird, Eudora and OpenOffice. I'm sure a lot more apps do it too.

Windows actually provides some explicit support for single-instance apps, but on other platforms its even worse. On Linux, for example, it can even be hard to decide what you should treat as a single session. Can a user run two copies if they're on different DISPLAYs? What about one copy run by two different users, appearing on the same DISPLAY? Gah. Not so bad for Scribus, but for things that regularly get used remotely (eg firefox) it's a bit harsh. I tend to favour "if in doubt, launch another instance" myself.

Anyway, getting single-instance operation going _and_ _working_ _reliably_ will most likely take some serious work, and there are a lot of other things to do first :S


2014-07-16 23:51

updater   ~0032797

I can't reproduce this issue on 1.5svn OSX r19342.
Is there some sort of obscure edge-case this still happens with?


2014-07-17 00:25

updater   ~0032798

Reopening because issue still exists on KDE.

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