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0003474ScribusUsabilitypublic2015-11-24 14:09
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Summary0003474: Improve the feedback for multiple styles in Properties/Story Editor
DescriptionWhen a block of text which has more than one style applied (or having different sizes, colors etc.), the dialogue in the properties dialog would need to grey out/go blank for those specifications that are mixed. (and not suggest that all selected text has one particular size, color).


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related to 0003261 confirmed Changing text alignment from the properties palette does behave weird sometimes 
related to 0003448 assignedjghali Improvements to properties palette 
related to 0003477 closed Application of property and/or style change is unpredictable 



2006-03-21 08:35

reporter   ~0009404

Last edited: 2006-03-21 11:32

Additional information: I have the same issue with the dialog in the story editor. This really causes problems in laying out documents with slightly more complex typography (i.e. more than one style per text frame). Since applying a style / property creates impredictable effects, it is absolutely necessary to be able to check quickly and reliably what the status of a piece of text is.


2006-04-28 09:28

developer   ~0010569

"dialog would need to grey out/go blank for those specifications that are mixed."

Hm, I'm not sure, if this would be the right way -- what would you do then, if you wanted to apply one of those greyed out/blanked attributes to the whole selection?

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