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0003547ScribusUsabilitypublic2012-11-12 14:47
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PlatformGnu/LinuxOSSUSEOS Version10.0
Product Version1.3.2 
Summary0003547: Faster quickedit with ctrl
DescriptionWhile double clickin text frame to edit text, user cant delete word's like on other editors with ctrl+backspace or ctrl+delete. User need first select text with shift+arrowbuttons and after it press delete or backspace. Still user can move on text with ctrl+arrows.

I usually write few lines text and then i notice i can write it better i just type new one, reading old same time and after it i just jump to place where new text starts and then i delete old text with ctrl+backspace. This is much faster way and it works with every text/word editor.
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has duplicate 0006373 closedale Enable shortcut Ctrl + backshift to delete word 



2006-04-04 01:29

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2006-04-04 06:41

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Due with new text system.


2012-11-06 16:59

reporter   ~0029157

There is a duplicate of this bug:


2012-11-12 13:32

manager   ~0029196

the workardound is to use ctrl-arrow to select one word at a time and the delete the selection.

this is seems to be the standard way to do it accross most if not all editing environments.


2012-11-12 14:47

reporter   ~0029198

Ctrl+Arrow isn't standard for selecting words.

Global standards are (text editors, office tools, web browsers, command line tools, graphic tools etc):

Ctrl+Arrow = Move cursor one word with every press.
Shift+Arrow = Select one letter with every press.
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow = Move and select one word with every press.

You can do multiple line selections as well with "Shift+Up/Down" or even use "Shift+PageUp/Down" buttons to do selection from cursor position to next same position of text (skips empty lines and spaces).
You can do "Shift+Home/End" to select all from cursor position to end or start of that line.

The cursor needs to be moved with arrows alone or then faster with Ctrl being pressed. Nothing else needs to be done with Ctrl than control that action moves one word per time. Meaning Ctrl+Delete and Ctrl+Backspace deletes one word per key press to next special letter (space, /, -, +, * etc etc).

Scribus does it wrong way what isn't following others.

People can try that even with their web browsers in text input boxes how it should work.
There are cases where some have disabled Ctrl+Delete/backspace as well, like Windows login screen for password. Because it has a weakness that if someone has space or special letter, it could be "exploited" when seeing that cursor stopped there. Others have done standard way where Ctrl+Backspace deletes whole password at once without caring anything because hidden password is not marked as special letters.

Scribus makes it hard to edit text quickly and effectively with keyboard only.

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