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0003649ScribusGeneralpublic2015-10-03 20:18
Reportermkoren Assigned To 
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Platformx86OSDebian LinuxOS VersionStable/Testing
Product Version1.3.3.1 
Summary0003649: switching to group or ctrl-resizing can cause arbitrary resize
DescriptionClicking on a group while another _single_ object is selected triggers an unprompted resize of the group (I think only if you click on an actual edge of some component object). Switching between groups or initially selecting a group with no objects selected does not cause the problem, nor does selection by area/selection rectangle since it deselects anything else selected first.

It seems the resize places the frame edge or something at the cursor position, depending on what you click on. The uploaded file may be interesting because you can get somewhat different results for groups, like the left one, with interesting internal node structure. (Actually, for that object it appears you have to click on a node, whereas with the boxes any edge of either box will do.)

An alternate way to cause the problem is to try to ctrl-resize the group; for some corner resize handles, this will fail (does not lock aspect ratio as dragging) and then trigger the weird resizing.
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related to 0003724 closedplinnell ctrl-resize for groups doesn't always work and triggers resize 
related to 0003608 closedfschmid resize errors with groups of rotated objects 
related to 0003824 closedcbradney Unable to resize shapes by clicking and dragging 
related to 0013149 new 1.5.x doesn't load .sla grouped items correctly. 
child of 0003812 acknowledged Metabug: Grouped objects 


2006-04-13 21:33


weird-resize.sla (51,581 bytes)


2006-05-03 22:44

developer   ~0010868

cannot confirm, neiter with current 1.3.4cvs, nor with 1.3.3cvs.


2006-05-04 21:25

reporter   ~0010932

Even with the attached file? This is subtle--try exactly this sequence:

-open file
-open properties
-select the middle rectangle (the one not grouped)
-click on one of the _corners_ of the shape in the left group--should resize.
-now reselect center rectangle
-click on one of the _internal_ edges of the grouped rectangles on the right--should also resize

This always happens for me in


2006-05-06 22:11

developer   ~0011029

I've followed your steps, cannot confirm though (kubuntu, qt 3.3.6)


2006-05-06 22:12

developer   ~0011030

Reminder sent to: christoph_s

christoph_s, can you confirm this behaviour?


2006-05-06 22:28

administrator   ~0011031

What I can confirm is the weird behaviour also described in 3724. Ctrl+drag works only if the frame is dragged from the angle bottom right. All other angles are free resizing, and the result is, as mkoren wrote, absolutely unpredictable.


2006-05-14 18:28

reporter   ~0011291

Looks like the problem with switching to a group from a single object is a remnant of 0001403.


2015-06-18 21:44

updater   ~0035440

Crap, the .sla is obsolete none of the objects are grouped. I'm not sure how to recreate this bug...if it even still exists ??


2015-06-18 22:07

developer   ~0035442

This report is very old now. Retested with 1.4.6.svn and could not reproduce unexpected results.

With 1.5.1.svn I noticed a small issue... it opens the file but none of the groups is correctly loaded, all the items appear to be single (not grouped, see > Windows > Outline).


2015-06-18 22:11

updater   ~0035443

Ok.. marking this resolved even though we aren't super sure. Will let the devs double check if they can recreate the bug.

I will also create another bug showing that the 1.3 .sla didn't import correctly in to 1.5.x

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