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0003724ScribusUsabilitypublic2007-01-05 00:12
Reportermkoren Assigned Toplinnell 
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Platformx86OSDebian LinuxOS VersionStable/Testing
Product Version1.3.3.1 
Summary0003724: ctrl-resize for groups doesn't always work and triggers resize
DescriptionI'm not clear what the necessary conditions are to trigger this, but sometimes ctrl-resize of groups (maybe even single objects?) fails to preserve aspect ratio and then leads to a random resize, usually reducing one dimension almost to zero. You can tell when it's about to occur because the dashed line shown while resizing isn't properly aspect-ratio-locked.

The attached file seems to do this consistently if you try using the upper-right handle of the center group.
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duplicate of 0002980 closedavox Proportional resize of groups (inc tables) from a handle other than bot-right distorts shape on drop 
related to 0003649 closed switching to group or ctrl-resizing can cause arbitrary resize 
child of 0003812 acknowledged Metabug: Grouped objects 


2006-04-29 02:40


ctrl-resize.sla (50,752 bytes)


2006-04-29 02:41

reporter   ~0010625

Seems closely related to 0003649.


2006-05-04 11:55

developer   ~0010887

at least with on win2000 everything works as expected. Have you found out more about what triggers this behaviour?


2006-05-04 21:34

reporter   ~0010933

It seems that almost any group will do this with at least some of the corners. Ctrl-click-and-drag to resize from the upper right handle of group in attached file still always does this for me. Similarly with some of the corners in the groups in the file I uploaded for 0003649.

How much of a resize _might_ be related to how close to the group corner the nearest point on one of the objects is, but I'm not sure.

So it could be that this always happens but for some corners the effect is too small to notice.


2006-05-14 18:11

reporter   ~0011290

From looking at the handy new groups metabug it seems this is a duplicate of 0002980.

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