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0003743ScribusPrintingpublic2014-10-03 10:51
ReporterPLucAuclair Assigned Tofschmid  
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OSLinuxOS VersionSuSE 10 
Product Version1.3.4cvs 
Summary0003743: Colorize converts Spot colors to CMYK
DescriptionWhen you apply the colorize effect to an image, it converts any spot color to a cmyk image, rendering the option for spot documents pretty much useless.
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has duplicate 0007023 closedjghali Colourise with spot doesn't work 
has duplicate 0008633 closedjghali color replaced : strange things... 
has duplicate 0010626 closedjghali Picture Effect > Colorize with Pantone does not work properly 
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2006-05-03 20:15

developer   ~0010843

which version, which system?


2006-05-03 20:22

reporter   ~0010846

CVS 1.3.4, Suse10.0, from yesterday.


2006-05-03 20:25

developer   ~0010850

Reminder sent to: christoph_s

christoph: can you confirm this one?


2006-05-03 23:47

administrator   ~0010873

Cannot confirm due to time restraints, but it's assigned anyway.


2006-05-26 05:25

administrator   ~0011475

If i understand this correctly you want to colorize an image with a spotcolour,
creating a duotone image. The conversion to cmyk values is done because there are
other effects that you can apply to the same image (Grayscale and Posterize). But
in general creating a doutone image with a spotcolour could be easily added, this
needs to disable the other colorfilters for this image.


2006-05-26 17:17

reporter   ~0011480

fschmid, you might be interested in a related issue:

0003746: Ability to assign spot to greyscale instead of black


2009-05-11 06:53

reporter   ~0021709

What's the status on this?


2012-07-22 22:23

reporter   ~0028553

I am having the same issues with creating a two color project (spot color and black). I have a grayscale or 1bit tif which I need to have be the spot color. Colorize just converts the spot to cmyk . A workaround is just to assign the color cyan to all the spot objects. It would be nice to have spot colos completely fuctional soon. This bug makes it more or less impossible to do two color jobs. this is still in scribus 1.4.1


2012-07-26 23:19

reporter   ~0028661

Just wondering if true support for spot color images is going to be worked on?


2012-07-28 10:44

developer   ~0028672

To fschmid:

The issue is about printing and mainly depends on what the printing technique and inks will be.

One might want to achieve a duotone or tritone effect and nonetheless will want to print it on a digital printer or press or even offset, using CMYK. That user will want a duotone effect but no restriction on how those colors are rendered on press. Another user might need a duotone effect and spot color printing. Scribus cannot make that decision. The user does.

For instance, one might have used sepia for some older pictures and full color for other, in the same document. The work will be in CMYK. The monotone sepia can be rendered using a CMYK combination, just like the full color pics will be. The need for spot color is up to the designer.

This is why I think we should ask the user right from the start what's the final destination for a job and thus what colors will be used. If it's a spot color job, the options available for Picture Effects will be those that can handle spot color. If an effect needs specifially cmyk, it will be greyed out. This is another topic — the New Document Dialog — but in my view we should have a close look at the options we offer in the early stage of a project. People laying out a job intended to be printed know (or should know) right from the start what will be the printing technique and ink(s) used.

More on duotones here:


2014-10-03 10:51

reporter   ~0033882

Hi, I'm having the same issue, though I'm working with the 1.5svn branch.
Should I open another bug, or keep on with this bug ?

I remember it was "sort of" working a few years ago with the 1.5 branch, but now it's not working at all. What's the status on this ?

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