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Summary0003778: global replace for styles and properties
DescriptionShould be able to change everything in a document having style A to style B without deleting style A from the document (especially when external style libraries become available). Similar features for individual non-styled properties like color, line width, etc. would also be useful (may have already been requested for color).

Another specific example is global dimension replacement: scaling a document by changing all dimensions by a certain factor (*5 to make a large chart or 3pt -> 1mm to convert to "nice" metric units, etc.). This would apply to all aspects of the document, including styles (see 0003756).
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2006-05-09 17:28

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This should of course work for only selected objects as well, e.g. all instances of style A in selection replaced with style B, except that replacement of individual properties like colors would not change global style definitions and so would not override values in the selection defined by styles.

(Except for individual properties of a styled object that can be locally overridden, like with character styles over paragraph styles or my style inheritance by group concept.)

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