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0004091ScribusPDFpublic2006-08-05 11:25
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows XPOS VersionWindows XP sp2
Product Version1.3.3.2 
Summary0004091: Problems embedding font & subset in PDF generation.
DescriptionExporting to PDF, the text is exported like graphics selecting embed only a subset. Addicionally not all fonts are available to completely embed.

I attach a zip file containg an scribus document and 2 pdf generated files, first with the "Embed All Fonts" option and the other with "Subset All Fonts" option.
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duplicate of 0003701 assignedavox PDF export: better UI for Font Embedding 


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2006-08-05 11:09

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Known issue. Not all fonts can be embedded currently. The Times Roman on XP for example is an Open Type TTF and only PDF 1.6 supports OTF natively. Thus, Scribus converts them to postscript outlines in the PDF. This is the most reliable way to ensure there are no font issues when printing the final PDf.

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