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0004224ScribusPDFpublic2006-09-06 21:07
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PlatformAMD OpteronOSLinuxOS VersionKernel 2.6.12
Product Version1.3.3.3 
Summary0004224: AcroForm fields not properly exporting non-core face face styling.
DescriptionIf you specify a font face on a field (using the properties palette) Scribus shows any values in that font face and properly lists it for embedding.

Upon export to PDF 1.4 or 1.5 however, the font-face in the DA key (default appearance) references the "Font for use with PDF 1.3" font from the field properties.

  eg. DA => '/Helv 12.00000 Tf <colour info>'

Steps To Reproduce1. Create a new document
2. Add an AcroForm text field
3. In the 'Properties' (not 'Field Properties') palette assign a non-core font.
4. Export to PDF (> 1.3)
Additional InformationAdobe PDF 1.4 Reference Section 8.6.2 Page 534 Tabel 8.5.1 ( defines that any text or graphics state operators are valid (meaning embedded fonts are fair game).
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duplicate of 0003282 closedfschmid Fonts don't work with text fields of forms. 



2006-09-06 17:24

reporter   ~0012453

Oops, it seems bug 3282 ( already existed describing this issue.

I'd mark this as duplicate if I could. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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