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0004354ScribusUser Interfacepublic2006-10-03 23:18
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Product Version1.4 milestone 
Summary0004354: Mini preview for page elements
DescriptionQuoting myself from 4333: "a (dockable) mini preview of the doc with the ability to switch visible elements on or off, e.g. guides, text frames, image frames, margins etc."

This might help to keep an overview of the functional elements of a page, cf. the guides preview in the guides manager in 1.3.3.x
Additional InformationComments from cbradney:

Yes, it would be better if the page palette could handle that.

Also, its not really worth doing and then redoing until we move to Qt4.2 in 1.3.5.
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related to 0004040 closedsubik guide manager: add live preview when drawing guides on the canvas 
related to 0003275 closedfschmid Preview mode 


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