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0004546ScribusPDFpublic2006-11-20 12:26
Reportermhanski Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.3.6cvs 
Fixed in Version1.3.4cvs 
Summary0004546: PDF Export: Despite "Do not embed fonts, do not subset" settings, Scribus converts fonts to outlines
DescriptionIt shoud be possible to neither embed nor to subset fonts, if both check boxes in Save as PDF/Fonts tab are unchecked.

Scribus fully ignores both check boxes and converts fonts to outlines.
Steps To Reproduce-- Open the attached minion.sla file

-- try to save is a PDF without converting fonts to outlines
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related to 0002276 closedjghali The register "Fonts" in the dialog "Save as PDF" is quite confusing (and has a bug). 
related to 0003701 assignedavox PDF export: better UI for Font Embedding 
related to 0004736 closedcbradney PDF Export/Font Tab: replace "Subset" by "Convert to outlines" 


2006-11-17 02:07


minion.sla (50,321 bytes)


2006-11-17 15:40

administrator   ~0013442

The Checkboxes are now converted to Pusbhuttons to make their use clearer. Scribus does embed or subset all Fonts which are listed in the 2 Lists on the right side.


2006-11-18 15:50

developer   ~0013451

the issue has not been fixed yet. The font in the sample file is still subset (converted to outlines) although it isn't supposed to be converted. In particular:

--stable not fixed, both checkboxes unchecked, but Scribus does the converting job indepedently of what the user decides

-- unstable 1.3.4cvs: not fixed, user should be able to disable embedding/converting fonts to outlines


2006-11-18 17:37

administrator   ~0013452

The Minion Rro Regular font is alway subsetted (converted to Outlines) because it's an OpenType font, which can't be embedded into a PDF. Only PDF-1.6+ can embed OpenType fonts.

And for the, what Fonts are embedded or subsetted is decided by the two lists on the right side, the Checkboxes are not relevant, they are in fact used as normal Buttons to transfer all Fonts listed on the right side.


2006-11-18 18:32

developer   ~0013454

The Minion Rro Regular font is alway subsetted (converted to Outlines) because it's an OpenType font, which can't be embedded into a PDF. Only PDF-1.6+ can embed OpenType fonts.

I know.

But I neither want to embed, nor to subset Minion Pro, nor do I want do have outlines in the PDF. I don't want to have anything from Minion Pro in the final PDF: neither the font, nor the subset, nor the outlines. Why enforcing it?


2006-11-18 23:02

administrator   ~0013456

It's now possible to create PDF's with no Fonts embedded or subsetted at all. But its still strongly recommended to subset OpenType and large Unicode fonts.


2006-11-19 11:07

developer   ~0013459

-- stable tested, works fine
-- unstable 1.3.4: detto :)

From now on users will be able a to create a PDF file with Minion/Myriad Pro without embedding/subsetting/converting fonts to outlines and hand the PDF file over to the printer who uses Acroread 7. Acroread 7 will display the fonts using its own Myriad Pro/Minion Pro fonts. I've just tested it with Acroread 7 and it works exactly as expected. Thank you for your patience:)

BTw: 0003701 (3 bottom notes from me and avox) describes a possible approach to embed OTF fonts subsets into PDF < 1.6 (decompressing and converting to Type1 while saving to PDF), but this is a different story:)


2006-11-20 08:31

developer   ~0013465

fschmid: I'm sorry to bother you again, but it looks like somebody removed your changes in -- the "not subsetting OTF" stuff doesn't work anymore, check boxes are back


2006-11-20 10:06

administrator   ~0013466

Hmm, just checked my local cvs and found out that its in sync with our developers cvs repository. Maybe there's a problem with the syncing of our developers cvs and the anonymus cvs.


2006-11-20 10:22

developer   ~0013467

hmm, don't know much about it. I asked Peter on IRC yesterday to add some new tooltips about "subsetting OTF == converting to outlines" to the font tab. Today I'd checked out the sources to see the new tooltips and your changes were gone. I will check it again in the evening and let you know.


2006-11-20 10:34

viewer   ~0013468

Maciej, We had issues syncing our private tree to anonymous cvs. Tooltips are not yet commited.

2006-11-20 12:23


font_tab_134.png (158,023 bytes)   
font_tab_134.png (158,023 bytes)   

2006-11-20 12:23


font_tab_1336_20_november.png (149,329 bytes)   
font_tab_1336_20_november.png (149,329 bytes)   


2006-11-20 12:26

developer   ~0013471

checked out the source again -- everything is back in place (apart from Peter's tooltips), weird. Closing

BTw: I've uploaded 2 screenshots of the _corrected_ font tabs ( and 1.3.4), just in case, we should miss sth again:)

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