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0004783Scribus-public2014-06-26 12:48
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0004783: More basepoints for items
Description... can be useful at times: top centre, bottom centre, left centre, right centre
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related to 0003751 new additional/clearer basepoint options for lines 
related to 0006700 closedKunda Copy/paste/move/duplicate actions should respect the basepoint of an item 
related to 0012434 closednitramr basepoint: different widgets for shapes and lines 
related to 0012439 closedale on canvas basepoint for rotation 



2006-12-14 22:49

reporter   ~0013929

One application of this seems to be for lines with thickness (see 0003751). I had suggested some more general options as well in 0003591.


2008-01-24 21:29

administrator   ~0018709

This should also become part of the new file format.


2008-01-24 21:30

administrator   ~0018710

Reminder sent to: malex

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