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0004831ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2006-12-17 22:30
ReporterTed-Miller Assigned Toplinnell 
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Summary0004831: Add ability to position an image relative to a paragraph, not just a page
DescriptionAllow for an image to be tied to a paragraph, so that as layout changes or text changes, the image is always located in relationship to the text that it is tied to.
Additional InformationI edit a newsletter. Most of my images are VERY CLOSELY tied to the text in a particular paragraph. After moving from WordPerfect (which has this feature) I find it a nuisance to have to move my pictures around every time my editor cuts (mostly) or rearranges my text. Before, I associated the image with a paragraph, and the image position maintained a constant relationship between the beginning of the paragraph and the image location. If we edited out a total of two lines of text, the text moved up two lines, and the image box moved up with it, always tied to the begining of the paragraph. Occasionally boxes bumped into each other, etc., but dealing with that was MUCH less work than moving every single image in an entire newsletter, which is what I just got done doing.
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duplicate of 0001099 closedfschmid Inline graphics 



2006-12-15 02:40

reporter   ~0013934

Please pardon if I did not get all the information in the right boxes. This is my first submission to this bug tracker, but I had to start somewhere.


2006-12-15 03:21

reporter   ~0013936

You can already use inline frames--which are like WordPerfect's character anchor option, I think--so a frame flows with the text, but it can't be outside the text frame or cover the text or anything. I think avox said this would be enhanced in new versions....


2006-12-15 12:54

viewer   ~0013941

To the original reporter, please see 0001099 and it will provide some info how it works in 1.3.4cvs. That is why there is no documentation.


2006-12-15 15:01

reporter   ~0013946

What I am asking for is NOT inline graphics, at least not as I see implemented in the discussion about 0001099. Inline graphics correspond to WordPerfects character-anchored graphic. What I am asking for would correspond to WordPerfect's paragraph anchored graphic.

For example, In the newsletter I am working on today (end-of-year summary issue), I have one paragraph about a project. Along with that paragraph go three pictures:
1. 3.8" x 2.4" (96 x 61mm) frame, upper left corner located -0.4" X, -1.25" Y (-10mm X, -32mm Y) from the associated paragraph beginning.
2. 1.4" x 1.4" (35 x 35mm) frame, lower right corner located 0.4" X, -0.25" Y ( 10mm X, -6mm Y) from the paragraph beginning right margin (right edge of text box at Y where paragraph starts)
3. 1" x 1" (25 x 25mm) frame, upper right corner located 0.4" X, -0.25" Y ( 10mm X, -6mm Y) from the paragraph beginning right margin (right edge of text box at Y where paragraph starts)
The text wraps around these photos, including the text of the previous (loosely related) paragraph, which has to wrap around photos 1 and 2. In WordPerfect I could have specified the photo position as I did above. When my editor shortened the first paragraph of the section by two lines (not unusual), the pictures would move up two lines, maintaining relationship with the paragraph. If I increase the margins by 1/4" (6mm) on both sides (resize text box) the pictures on the right and left sides (and yes, they spill outside the text box) of the box would move in (toward each other) by 1/2" (12mm), maintaining their relationship to the text box edges (unless I specified that I wanted the image centered, which should be another option). If the paragraph the images are tied to is edited, the images do not move, as they are tied to the beginning of the paragraph. If the text length changes such that the key paragraph moves to a different text box (or page), the images move with it.

If it would be helpful, I could try and put together an SLA file showing what this layout would look like, and try to learn how to upload it. From all I can see in the discussion, issue 1099 does not address this application at all.


2006-12-17 22:30

reporter   ~0013989

I think your description is clear, and I second the request.

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