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0004892ScribusFontspublic2015-04-13 12:02
Reporterlorbas Assigned To 
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PlatformWindows OSXP Prof OS VersionServicepack 2
Product Version1.3.3.6 
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Summary0004892: not all fonts shown up in dropdown list of storyeditor
DescriptionScribus shows around 400 fonts of my 800 installed (maybe the rest is a little bit corrupted) correct (from "Arial" upto "Zurich") in the fontchooser in the objects properties. But in the storyeditor and in the Fontpreview the list is cut off somewhere around "S", the last shown font in the list is "Swiss721 BT Roman". So I cannot choose the font "Times new Roman" in the storyeditor.
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Additional InformationI have installed ca. 800 font-files in C:/windows/fonts. Maqybe half of them are a little bit corrupted and not shown up by scribus generally. This issue is also reproducable with older versions.
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related to 0009546 closedjghali Don't silently discard bad fonts, but show them as non selectable 



2008-02-06 14:15

administrator   ~0018860

Can you please retest with and start Scribus from the command line with the parameter -fi?

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