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0009546ScribusFontspublic2019-03-14 13:58
Reporterale Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
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Summary0009546: Don't silently discard bad fonts, but show them as non selectable
DescriptionWe have many users who come to the mailing list and the IRC channels and complaining that Scribus can't find their fonts.

It would probably be helpful if Scribus could list all fonts that it finds and mark the bad one as unusable. Those fonts should at least be shown in the Preferences and maybe also in the Font list*

* We probably need also a way to reduce the number of fonts shown in the PP and style editor... but this will be the subject of a separate request...
Tagsfont selection


duplicate of 0015550 closedjghali Add a tab to Preferences > Fonts with the rejected fonts 
related to 0004892 new not all fonts shown up in dropdown list of storyeditor 
related to 0012985 assignedavox Improve font-checking script: discards potentially dangerous fonts during launch 
related to 0008721 new changing the upper/lowercase-spelling of fonts confuses scribus 



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2019-03-14 13:58

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Resolved by 0015550

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