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Summary0000553: two clicks on object enable rotating
Descriptionwhen an object is selected an i click on it again then it was great if i can rotate it directly.
i think the button in the toolbar is not really elegant.
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related to 0003171 acknowledged Metabug: Selection improvements 
related to 0012439 closedale on canvas basepoint for rotation 



2004-07-30 09:32

developer   ~0002074

thinking of corel draw, on click activates the object, a second click shows the rotating bullets around it.


2006-04-12 10:13

developer   ~0009840

Currently, a double click on a polygon/shape starts "Nodes editing" dialog -- what do you suggest to solve this conflict?


2006-04-12 10:18

developer   ~0009842

i dont mean doubleclick. click one. click two -> rotate. look at corel draw, i stole this idea from there.


2006-05-21 19:04

reporter   ~0011400

one click: select frame
double-click: edit frame contents
two clicks: rotate-handles appear

It would be nice to mirror Inkscape's functionality in this respect, as it is often used with Scribus in the same workflow. Other enhancements include draggable crosshairs that indicate the basepoint and automatic focus of the XYZ tab in Properties once the rotate-handles appear. Inkscape-style resize handles would also be nice.


2007-01-20 13:26

reporter   ~0014899

This is a great idea. The need to use the rotate button drives me crazy! Xara also changes resize handles to rotate vertexes when the user clicks an object twice. Doing so would allow deletion of the rotate button from the toolbar (a small change, but would clean up the cluttered UI.)

Another, less desirable but still good possibility would be to add a rotation handle to every object (a la Microsoft Office.) Whenever you click an object, all the resize handles appear (in white) plus one green rotate handle.


2014-07-02 14:20

manager   ~0032409

i'm not sure this is a good idea.

improving the way rotating works, yes.

two clicks to enable rotation... not sure...

it's ok in inkscape, which is a vector drawing program, but imo too easy to enable by mistake for DTP (where, imo, you don't use the rotation as much as in vector drawing).

we already have the "r" key which already makes the rotation very easy to reach...

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