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0005708ScribusPrintingpublic2018-08-30 20:00
ReporterNorman Gifford Assigned To 
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PlatformLinux Mandriva 
Product Version1.3.3.8 
Summary0005708: Does not print in landscape
DescriptionI have built a 3fold landscape document for A4 paper size. Although document settings are correctly entered it writes to portrait format, the heading commencing 100mm from the topm edge of the paper. When saved as a pdf file, the same thing happens. I have no problem with landscape documents in Open Source Office.
My printer is an Epson CX4100.
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has duplicate 0006890 closedjghali Cannot Print in Landscape mode 
has duplicate 0010249 closedjghali Brochure printing 



2007-05-18 11:56

administrator   ~0016204

If you are saving as a PDF and then printing, and seeing the same issue, this indicates an incorrect setup with your printing system. This issue has come about a number of times. Make sure you have landscape options setup correctly.


2009-05-27 17:57

reporter   ~0021827

I can confirm on the scribus-ng Ubuntu package (Scribus repository). Exporting to PDF does work correctly. I'm sorry I didn't report this when it happened, but the date of this report seems about right to me. Been living with this for a while.


2014-09-18 21:55

reporter   ~0033745

It is my understanding that printing from the File->Print menu item has always been iffy.

The recommendation, as the reporter has noted, is to export to PDF and print that.

I would suggest closing this one


2014-09-19 08:36

manager   ~0033757

a bug is a bug is a bug.

if there is no other report on this bug, it should be kept open.
even if it cannot be directly fixed.

as already noted at different places, the solution is probably to remove from scribus all the code relating to printing and replace it with a call to a PDF reader that gets the task to print the document (if possible with a command line argument that opens the document prints it and closes the pdf reader).

the scribus main target is not the direct printing to a home printer, but the delivery of a PDF to a professional printer. removing, the printing specific code can only lead to a result that better matches what the user will get from the print shop.


2016-02-12 23:48

updater   ~0038688

If and when printing starts to work correctly in Scribus we should check this. Trying to find where to link this ticket to.

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