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0005941ScribusImport / Exportpublic2016-02-16 04:52
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Summary0005941: Add optional (geeky) extender for listing of unsupported SVG features that had been discarded on import
DescriptionAs above.

I think it would be interesting to see what is currently unsupported within Scribus, but exists in particular imported SVG. Of course, as said, this would be optional.

Saves time for manual in-depth re-checking of imported illustration(s) for errors...
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has duplicate 0012471 closedjghali Scribus should warn when it cant import a SVG truthfully 
related to 0009303 closedfschmid remove warning when importing SVG files 
related to 0012187 new SVG not well imported 
related to 0010841 new importing an SVG with rasterized effects does not work 
child of 0013050 new [Feature] Add optional info box in GUI for debug purposes and reporting more indepth errors 



2007-06-23 22:52

administrator   ~0016648

and add a filter for the Inkscape specific "sodipodi" features which can be ignored


2007-06-24 00:04

administrator   ~0016654

Maybe this can done the same way as in k3b. If burning a CD/DVD fails, an error message pops up. In the message box, one can choose to let k3b display the error(s) that occured.


2007-06-24 11:23

administrator   ~0016657

Good idea. Btw, I have added a more effective filter for inkscape and sodipodi specific features in and 1.3.5svn

Vladimir Savic

2011-08-28 21:13

reporter   ~0026807

Don't we already support this by writing unsupported features to terminal? How hard would it be to pop up info box in GUI too?


2014-08-04 03:00

updater   ~0033171

I'm not sure voting is still open on this issue.
I think it's important that beside the terminal we have a console window that folks who are a bit more savvy can understand what is getting imported correctly and what is partially getting imported (handicapped) because of Scribus's partial SVG standard support. This is not an apparent issue for everyone who uses Scribus.

I agree with Vlad that some sort of realtime Console/info box would be the solution here.

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