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0006107ScribusColor Managementpublic2008-05-18 14:13
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Summary0006107: Decide on small standard color set for 1.3.5 release
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related to 0006122 assignedale I prefer colour wheel and sliders than infinite long colour list 
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2007-08-31 20:56

developer   ~0017231

Please add Rich Black with the following values in the short list :
100K - 60C - 40M - 40Y


2007-10-01 22:48

administrator   ~0017501

Basic set now in SVN.. test and request additions as you like.


2007-10-02 00:57

administrator   ~0017504

Hmm, I asked some printers over here, and they only use additional C (between 30 and 70%).


2007-10-02 03:34

developer   ~0017505

Back in the time of films, I remember there used to be one mix: 100% Black and 50% Cyan. Now that we have CTP and material and time is not an issue anymore (wrt stripping), we find mixes such as the one I suggested earlier.

I think the most important is to set one rich black and put a clear tooltip about what can be done and what should be avoided at all cost. We want to avoid total ink 400% like we see sometimes.

I suggested this mix according to a few printers here. I browsed a few "GATF-like sites", and others, and couldn't find any "authorities" on rich black. So I ended up suggesting a well-known and neutral mix here. Adding C only will of course give that black a tint of cold! Really, it depends. One of the idea behind rich black is to carry less ink as to not destroy the tones in a picture nearby, for instance.


2007-10-08 17:24

reporter   ~0017554

I'm not a specialist, but wouldn't it be good to add Orange and Green to comply with the hexachrome CMYKOG colour set ? It seems some printers can use it.


2007-10-08 17:42

developer   ~0017556

CMYKOG belongs to Pantone. It is a trademark and it is patented, as far as I can tell from


2007-10-08 17:57

administrator   ~0017557

And Hexachrome export isn't supported by Scribus (yet) anyway. There's a separte RFE for it:


2007-10-08 18:24

developer   ~0017559

And to add a bit of theory here, I understand that in a hexachrome color space, you don't really make use of the Orange and the Green as such. Instead, it allows to work in RGB and with the help of 6 colors instead of 4 on press you can reproduce 1) the RGB gamut and 2) more Pantone spot colors than with the regular CMYK (which is actually pretty bad at reproducing PMS).

I don't know how successful hexachrome is on the market. You need 1,5 times the plates you'd need for a regular job (more material, more time, more cost) and you ideally want a 6-color press, which is not uncommon but you won't find that on each corner. Plus, 6-color presses are often used not for hexachrome but for other printing options. My bet is this is a very specialised niche.


2008-04-29 20:49

viewer   ~0019568

OK I have added Cool and Warm Blacks as well. these seem to be the three most common.


2008-04-29 22:52

viewer   ~0019573

OK, trying to backport this is difficult. It is fixed in 135svn.

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