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0006122ScribusGeneralpublic2014-09-13 13:16
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PlatformlinuxOSsiduxOS Versiongaia
Product Version1.3.4 
Summary0006122: I prefer colour wheel and sliders than infinite long colour list
DescriptionThat is. It would be better to have a colour wheel panel in place of the colour list that is very annoying to roll down every single time.
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related to 0006107 closedplinnell Decide on small standard color set for 1.3.5 release 
related to 0000612 closedfschmid the order of the colors 
related to 0003494 assignedsubik colorwheel: making the dialog non modal for the color picker 



2007-08-19 15:28

administrator   ~0017076

Aren't you confusing things here? There's a colour list for already defined colours. You can easily add a new colour by clicking the "New" button. Whether it would be useful to integrate the colour wheel with the colour dialogs (new and edit) remains a subject for discussion. See also 6107.


2007-08-20 17:50

manager   ~0017092

and what about an option: "show used colors"
... i mostly work with the provided list of colors, but i only need the full list at the beginning of the work and when i want to choose a new color.

(so "remove unused" is not an option... but hide unused is one :-)

a button "show/hide unused" under the "remove unused" one in the color dialog could do it for me.

i fear i could also try to implement it, if the devs agree that this is an interesting feature...


2007-08-20 19:07

viewer   ~0017093

ale it's your's now :-)


2007-08-25 15:36

manager   ~0017156

as anounced on the list i'd like to put a checkbox in the colormanagement dialog (colorm.cpp) to switch the status of "show/hide unused colors".
(a screenshot is attached)

now, i've noticed that that the ColorManager doesn't acces the prefsManager.

here the variables which are passed to the ColorManager:

ColorManager* dia = new ColorManager(this, edc, doc, prefsManager->colorSetName(), prefsManager->appPrefs.CustomColorSets);

so i could use the reference i get with "this" (this->prefsManager).
but: should i?

2007-08-25 15:37


scribus_colorm_checkbox.png (11,190 bytes)   
scribus_colorm_checkbox.png (11,190 bytes)   


2007-08-26 11:56

developer   ~0017164

This issue relates to 0000612 and the discussion there is to be kept in mind imo.


2007-08-26 15:07

manager   ~0017168

thanks louis for the relation!

now, i don't really understand which of the features discussed there should be implemented and how.

i'm trying to put my ideas on the "development" wiki page at

i will try to summarize there what i think is to save from 0000612 and i will be happy to read some comments from you or other users/devs.

i will then put an abstract of the work here and/or in 0000612

... and i will go on in first implementing a way to hide the unused colors.



2008-01-18 05:23

reporter   ~0018634

What about also adding HLS as many other graphics and DTP apps do? And what about the choice of RGB, CMYK, etc. sliders OR a colour wheel OR the colour rectangle?

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