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0006228ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2007-09-17 19:39
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Summary0006228: Feature requests for image frames
DescriptionWhen working with image frames, it would be nice to have two more features:

The size of an image inside an image frame can be adjusted in "Properties / Image / Free scaling" just in %-values. It would be nice to have here also the possibility to enter "real" dimensions in mm, Pixel or whatever.

When an image is smaller than it's frame, it would be fine to align the image automatically inside the frame: for example, align the image horizontal and / or vertical inside the frame, align it to the right border of the frame etc.
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duplicate of 0006229 acknowledged Feature request: more units to edit an image's size 
related to 0006230 acknowledged Feature request: alignment of images within an image frame 



2007-09-17 18:51

administrator   ~0017312

Please separate these into 2 requests

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