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0006320ScribusImport / Exportpublic2015-10-28 01:40
ReporteraliB Assigned To 
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PlatformDell Inspiron 9400OSSuSEOS Version10.2
Product Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0006320: Charts created with OpenOffice Draw cannot be imported correctly
DescriptionIf you try to import the odg file itself import aborts with the message "The file could not be imported"

Alternatively you can export the odg to svg/wmf but no format can be realy imported adequately.
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related to 0001314 assignedjghali wrong import of Draw documents 
child of 0003218 closed OO Draw v2 document support (Metabug) 


2007-10-01 13:05


chart.odg (29,057 bytes)


2007-10-01 15:25

administrator   ~0017486

Last edited: 2007-10-01 15:28

Those charts use 3d objects that it's simply not possible to import in scribus currently and indirect objects that are neither supported. Importing those charts also needs implicit knowledge of the way they are to be drawn, so i don't see us importing such file in a near future (except if there are some volunteers for a GSoC!)


2007-10-01 15:40

reporter   ~0017487

But what about the svg/wmf files?
The import results are also not correct!
(you can test it by exporting a svg/wmf from the provided odg)


2007-10-01 15:51

viewer   ~0017488

The best work around is to export EPS as describe here:


2007-10-01 15:57

administrator   ~0017489

aliB : I do not have OpenOffice installed, can you export to wmf and svg and upload the files?


2007-10-01 21:09

reporter   ~0017496

You'll find in the targz some files to play around with.
I also removed the 3D effect from the odg file (but it can still not be imported)
The import result can be controlled with the pdf version.
1. SVG: no chart captions are available.
2. WMF: Font is not correct (different spaces between characters etc. pp)
3. EPS: Is perfect (but since not a vector format, you always have to export in the same size you want to use it in scribus, (otherwise loss of quality)
4. PDF: same as EPS.

2007-10-01 21:09


chart_without_3D.tar.gz (45,279 bytes)


2007-10-01 23:21

administrator   ~0017502

1) Embedded svg fonts are currently not supported
2) Qt does not have access to the Albany font used in your wmf file causing consequently an incorrect letter spacing


2007-12-30 01:27

administrator   ~0018438

Looked again to the svg file exported by OO Draw, the fact that chart captions are not available can be explained as the svg set the fill and stroke color to "None" for the text. Seems like a bug in OO Draw svg export.


2008-03-17 09:10

reporter   ~0019210

Might be of interest:
I made a bugreport to openoffice for that issue and added today jghali's information since nothing happened until now.
Issue: 82255


2009-12-11 10:34

reporter   ~0022940

For everybody who wants the bug to be fixed. See last comment from ooo developer.

So voting for a bugfix could probably help (I already did).

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