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0006751ScribusFontspublic2008-02-08 16:08
ReporterLuiz Assigned Tojghali  
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Platformpc windows xp 
Product Version1.3.3.11 
Summary0006751: Failure in spaces characteres
DescriptionI´m still can´t insert specials typographic spaces (like thin, em and so on) into any text anyway. I don´t have fonts problems (I used Ps1 and TrueTupe from Adobe) and I used to manage them with Extensis software.
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duplicate of 0000131 assignedavox Ability to have various typographic spacing 



2008-02-08 16:08

administrator   ~0018922

Again, and as mentionned in 0006645, the typographic spaces have to be available in the font you choose. Works perfectly here as soon as the choosen font supports them. Otherwise duplicate of 0000131.

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