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0007082ScribusImport / Exportpublic2008-07-15 21:54
Reporterohawd Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionnot fixable 
PlatformMicrosoft WIndows XP 
Product Version1.3.3.11 
Summary0007082: EPS Import with embedded fonts fails
DescriptionEPS Import with scalable embedded fonts fails. Sometimes it works with Latin characters but not with arabic characters. See jpg as it should be, eps to import and scribus file after import (attached).
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parent of 0001079 closedFahad Arabic is not supported in Scribus yet. 


2008-06-09 13:35 (519,621 bytes)


2008-06-09 14:13

administrator   ~0019825

As Scribus doesnt support Arabic (yet), this is not going to work anyway.


2008-06-10 08:35

reporter   ~0019830

What has this to do with Arabic? This may be important if Fonts are not embedded. In this example, normal Fonts are embedded and encoded in EPS. There is no difference between arabic and latin charachters - besides the fact, that placement differs in values (negative dx e.t.c.).
By the way - in my example neither latin nor arabic characters are shown.


2008-06-10 09:28

reporter   ~0019831

I have forgotten: I do not expect editable text after import. Just placed glyphs as vectorgraphics...


2008-06-10 09:31

administrator   ~0019832

Last edited: 2008-06-10 09:34

>> There is no difference between arabic and latin charachters - besides the fact, that placement differs in values (negative dx e.t.c.)

That's wrong. Unlike latin characters, arabic characters require special processing by the text layout engine to display correctly.

2008-06-11 08:27


gsrendering.png (64,084 bytes)   
gsrendering.png (64,084 bytes)   


2008-06-11 08:29

administrator   ~0019837

Seems that we can't solve that problem, see the attached gsrendering.png. Even the newest Ghostscript can't render this eps correctly. And as we depend on Ghostscript for the eps import......


2008-07-12 23:02

viewer   ~0019961

After a discussion with the Ghostscript developers, they acknowledge the bug.


2008-07-15 21:54

viewer   ~0019975

As the Ghostscript bug determines that the fonts are not being embedded properly, it is the producing application which is at fault.

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