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0007106ScribusGeneralpublic2014-07-09 23:03
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PlatformPCOSVistaOS Version1.3.3.10svn22/08
Product Version1.3.3.12 
Summary0007106: missing 3state buttons for selection properties

when selection is bold, bold button is down.
when selection is regular, bold button is up.

when selection is partly bold, partly not, bold button should be neither down nor up, but grayed.
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related to 0010868 assignedChelen 3states selectors for search dialog 



2008-07-30 21:09

developer   ~0020071

this would be handy for search by style options ...


2011-04-01 10:13

developer   ~0025991

I mean :

Search by style should allow to specify only the desired attributes
instead now all existing attributes of style are included into the search
leading to much few results, since it is not possible to search
for "only 'bold', whatever the other attributes".

A solution would be 3 states buttons :
with 3 state buttons describing the style searched attributes :
- ticked : bold
- not ticked : NOT bold
- greyed : either bold or NOT bold, this attribute is not searched


2012-07-18 10:52

developer   ~0028500

3state selectors in search dialog now has its own request :

remaining of this request is in PP or style editing dialogs

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