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0007202ScribusImport / Exportpublic2016-05-21 05:28
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Summary0007202: Lossless exporting of eps files in vector format
DescriptionWhen dealing with scientific plots, they often contain many points and lines which cannot be loaded and processed with scribus via Import->Vector without significant slowdown, and/or crashing. Thus, I generally use Image frames for eps files, but this results in rasterized output.

It would be much better to have the eps files inserted into the resulting PDF directly using ghostscript (avox on IRC says this takes an eps->PDF conversion with GS). This way, the resulting PDF will have all the points and lines in vector format, allowing both clearer viewing and printing.
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related to 0001179 acknowledged When saving PS or EPS, convert placed PDFs to PS/EPS and embed in the output 



2008-09-05 22:05

administrator   ~0020200

Have added now experimental support for this in 1.3.5svn.


2008-09-06 12:51

manager   ~0020202

wow! nice! thanks!


2014-09-13 15:31

updater   ~0033668

Is this still considered experimental ?


2016-04-27 22:45

updater   ~0040551

Franz, what's left of this ticket?

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