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0001179ScribusImport / Exportpublic2016-05-21 05:28
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Summary0001179: When saving PS or EPS, convert placed PDFs to PS/EPS and embed in the output
DescriptionCurrently, when Scribus outputs PostScript from a document containing PDF files, it appears to rasterise the PDF and include the rasterised PDF in the PostScript output. It might be helpful if instead or alternately Scribus could convert the placed PDF to PostScript on the fly and embed the resulting PostScript in the document.

This output method would take longer to generate but should result in much higher quality text and vectors and much smaller PostScript.

Of course, the user can presently perform the PDF to EPS conversion themselves then work with the EPS files, so this isn't overly important. Acrobat Pro 6 does a brilliant job of this, and Acrobat Reader 5's -toPostScript isn't too bad either. As such I'm marking this low priority - it'd be nice, but not that important.
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2004-10-03 10:36

administrator   ~0002615

If we could do that, we could import a PDF as vectors :)


2006-04-12 11:45

developer   ~0009846

Reminder sent to: avox, cbradney, fschmid, jghali, subik

the rasterizing of imported pdf's has been a frequent complaint, so this proposal would mean a major improvement.

From today's perspective, is it a won't fix?


2006-04-12 11:57

viewer   ~0009848

No, in fact this is a high priority - that is enable all vector imports to remain vector. This goes along with other items for 1.3.x

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