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0008178ScribusUser Interfacepublic2014-07-09 21:55
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Summary0008178: Export PDF dialogue, Choose Pages tooltip
Description"Insert a comma seperated list of tokens where a token can be * for all pages, 1-5 for a range of pages or a single page number."

The use of the word 'token' is very peculiar and I've used computer for a number of years and never heard it used in that sense.

Microsoft Word used to say something like...

"Can be in the format '1,3,6,3' for individual pages, '1-4' for a range, or a mixture of both '1-3,6,8'. the same context which conveys the message better.
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2014-07-09 21:55

updater   ~0032634

The tooltip has since changed. Also perhaps more sophisticated. Non-issue here.
The ... (elipsis) box could use a tooltip. Created 0012507. Closing this issue.

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