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0008235ScribusImport / Exportpublic2016-12-02 20:48
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Summary0008235: Ability to embed font in PDF depends on unchecking "subset" field
DescriptionBefore I could select a font for embedding in PDF export dialog, I had to go to Font Preview, find that font and uncheck "subset". Until I did that, Scribus forced the fonts to be converted to curves.
Even if that's the expected behavior (?) there's info on this missing in the export window.
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2009-07-02 20:59

administrator   ~0022066

Otf fonts cannot be embedded only subsetted in PDF versions supported by scribus, and fonts which contains more than 2048 glyphs are subsetted by default for pdf size reasons. So that's expected behavior.


2009-07-03 07:47

reporter   ~0022087

""" Otf fonts cannot be embedded only subsetted in PDF versions supported by scribus """

So why was I able to embed them, and wasn't able to subset them?

It's the opposite of what you are telling.

Also, when user presses "Embed All" and not all fonts can be embedded, a message should be displayed saying why is it so.


2009-07-03 09:00

administrator   ~0022088

Otf fonts with TrueType outlines cannot be embedded as OpenType fonts in PDF versions supported by Scribus. They are embedded as *TrueType* fonts. Otf fonts with PostScript outlines cannot be embedded at all in PDF < 1.6. So i confirm what i wrote : otf fonts cannot be embedded in PDF versions supported by Scribus. Otf format is lost in all cases.


2009-07-03 10:31

reporter   ~0022092

It appears to me that there are two distinct settings:

- if the font is embedded as a whole, or only a subset of it is embedded
- if the font is converted to True Type before embedding, or is't embedded at all

My question is, why are they anyhow connected?
Why cannot a font be converted to True Type AND subsetted?


2009-07-03 16:09

administrator   ~0022098

>> why are they anyhow connected?

Because embedded otf fonts are not supported by PDF versions supported by scribus.

>> if the font is converted to True Type before embedding, or is't embedded at all

That second setting cannot be a user choice because the behavior to adopt depends directly on the kind of outlines a specific otf font use. If otf font use TrueType outlines, we can embed the font as TrueType because getting a TrueType font from such a font is straightforward and such font is supported by pdf <= 1.5. If otf font use PostScript outlines, then we have no choice, the font *cannot* be embedded as is, that's pdf specs. For mathematical reasons otf fonts with PostScript outlines cannot be converted to TrueType with sufficient reliability and guarantee of quality. In general case those fonts cannot be converted as a Type1 font either, because of limitation in the number of glyphs a type1 font can contain. Consequence : otf fonts with PostScript outlines have to be subsetted. We convert such fonts as Type3 subsets. Direct consequence : for those fonts, embedding font as a whole or subsetting them cannot be a user choice either.

Font which contains more than 2048 glyphs and whose format allow them to be embedded... may be embedded by unchecking the "subset" field. However embedding them as a whole may have negative effect on pdf size.


2009-07-04 07:23

reporter   ~0022110

It would be desirable to inform a user what actually will happen with each of the fonts. It could be put in parenthesis after each font name displayed on lists in the export window.


2009-07-07 08:33

reporter   ~0022131

I think informing the user what is happening, ie for the case when fonts cant be embedded is a simple but useful bit of help here. I've been caught out by this myself many moons ago.


2016-12-02 12:10

updater   ~0042600

@fahad can you weigh in on this? I'm just trying to ascertain what is CTL related. Thanks!


2016-12-02 13:17

developer   ~0042603

@kunda this is not related to CTL.

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