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0001413ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-12-05 20:28
Reporterlouisdesjardins Assigned ToFahad  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSMandrakeOS Version10
Product Version1.3.0cvs 
Target Version1.5.3Fixed in Version1.5.3.svn 
Summary0001413: Support for OpenType alternate glyphs
DescriptionIt would be super cool if we could have the possibility to select and automatically apply to a given text the alternate glyphs OpenType have in fonts such as Adobe Garamond Pro (real small caps, lowercase numbers, ligatures) instead of having to go through the long process of accessing these through the Extras>Insert Special menu.
Tags#please_test, fixed, HOST-Oman, scribusctl


related to 0003661 closedavox Kerning works only for Postscript Type 1 Fonts 
related to 0008235 feedback Ability to embed font in PDF depends on unchecking "subset" field 
related to 0007241 closedFahad Add to styles check mark for automatic replacing some letters by ligatures. 
related to 0001851 closedavox Implement real automatic kerning 
related to 0009363 closedFahad Support 'smcp' small caps character substitution table 



2005-01-01 14:38

reporter   ~0003309

and it also would be great if they will be placed into the PDF and not converted to outlines...


2005-04-06 13:41

viewer   ~0004093

moving to 1.3 as it is a feature request and is being worked on


2005-05-08 18:40

developer   ~0004550

Does this feature include automatic ligature substituting with Type1 fonts, or should we submit a new RFE?


2005-05-08 18:50

administrator   ~0004552

Yes, it does.


2005-09-21 22:37

administrator   ~0006668

From the mailing list (h++p:// by John Jordan:
"In the currrent version of InDesign there are several ligature options. You can turn on the f-ligatures, you can turn on "discretionary" ligatures (ct, st, etc.),
and/or you can turn on swash alternates."

Might be worth keeping in mind for further development.


2006-01-27 22:26

reporter   ~0008403

I don't know how much knowledge this part manager has on OpenType features. This document might be of interest.

I really hope the whole feature set gets included. Thanks!


2006-10-22 09:01

reporter   ~0013076

Does this issue include the full handling of ligatures?

Quoting from

That's how Adobe did it in InDesign. The text is held internally
without ligatures. Thus, copying and pasting it to another
application pastes the non-ligatured text. Hyphenation and spelling
still work because they work on the internal text. The ligatures are
there just for display and printing (including PDF export).
Adobe did it so cleverly that the hyphenation changes even when
you have a ligature that needs to change to another ligature. E.g,
suppose you have a line ending in "official," but it's all on the same
line, so the ligature displayed is "ffi." You add a word in the middle
of the line and suddenly it needs to break as of-ficial. The line will
then end on of-, and the rest of the word on the next line will start
with the fi ligature, followed by "cial."


2006-10-22 11:57

administrator   ~0013081

Scribus 1.3.4cvs stores the text internally as glyphs and will eventually render ligatures and glyph combinations separately. This is part of the major change in 1.3.4cvs - the new text system. It wont be complete in 1.3.4 though, but will form the base for the system.


2008-01-01 17:35

reporter   ~0018451

In Xetex this works the following way:

If the Opentype font has ligatures enabled, all “Default“ ligatures are automatically written with Ligatures. If you don’t want a ligature at a given position, you have to insert a ZWNJ.

I think, this would be the best way.


2010-10-23 21:25

reporter   ~0024697

Is anybody working on that?


2010-10-23 21:45

reporter   ~0024698

Related topics: 0007241 and 0008164


2010-10-24 04:32

administrator   ~0024702

>>Is anybody working on that?

Yes, and we had to create a separate branch that's not even publically accessible, because major parts of the code have to be torn apart and rewritten. The changes are so big that we're currently glad if the code can be built, which doesn't mean that it already works as expected. Expect first usable results next year, at the earliest, when the dust has settled.


2010-10-24 09:01

reporter   ~0024709

Wow... nice to see that someone is working on this key feature :-)


2012-08-27 21:05

reporter   ~0028875

Has this come to any success or is it stalled?


2012-08-28 10:01

manager   ~0028879

there has been work done on the oif branch by a contributor.

we are still testing how far he got...

let's hope for the best!


2013-09-14 21:32

reporter   ~0030590

I know it's and old thread, but i'm wondering what's the state of this issue/feature


2015-04-08 00:23

updater   ~0034849

Some fellow on twitter started(?) a 1000 pound bounty on this issue:


2015-04-08 10:38

reporter   ~0034855

Please see and perhaps more people will make a donation for specific functionality. Important is to connect with Bounty Source via issue tracker.


2015-09-01 16:22

developer   ~0036131

Last edited: 2015-09-01 16:22

some links :
- mailinglist is about sharing resources between Free and Open Source Creative Projects.
- why a better opentype UI matters
- UI expert POV
- features


2015-12-09 06:04

reporter   ~0037887

Last edited: 2015-12-22 21:10

I think the ScribusCTL project will fix this bug.


2016-04-10 04:22

updater   ~0039998

We need to test this when CTL is merged


2016-05-07 04:02


Support for OpenType features (including but not limited to alternates support) has been added as part of the CTL work for a while, and we have a basic OPenType font features widget that allows controlling a selection of features and will need to be polished a bit. The underlying code supports any arbitrary font feature tag.


2016-12-02 12:07

updater   ~0042599

Changed target version to 1.5.3 due to CTL release.

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