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Summary0008238: "Default Paragraph Style" and other default styles naming inconsistency
DescriptionThey are translated on the style list, but are always named in English in SLA and in the "Based on" lists.

It does not seem a good idea to just fix it by adding a translation filter on the name in the pull-down list widget.

Such situations will be ever present if the name of the default style is kept in English internally. Please consider this.

Below I've written my idea on how to improve the overall handling of "default styles".
Additional InformationI suggest the following cleanup:

When creating a new document, three default styles are created with names in a local language, and the names of these three styles are remembered as a document parameter.

A new field in "Document Settings" allows an user to choose which styles are assigned to new text fields and to new lines.

There's no possibility for the object to have "No Style". (When not using styles, all objects just have the default style and they override it on local basis.)

For backward compatibility, when there's no information on which style is the default one, the style list is searched for a traditionally-named entry (eg. "Default Paragraph Style").
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Incorrectly resolved. Working with different browser windows open, apologies.

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