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0008510Scribus-public2009-10-11 11:31
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Summary0008510: Scribus ng does not write some characters in correct way
DescriptionSlovak language has some unique characters (?š??žýáíé?). They exist in lowercase and in uppercase form. If I need to write some of them they are displayed in wrong way.

Slovak keyboard allows me to write these characters just pressing one button e.g. á. But there are not enough keys to cover all of them. So some of them is necessary to type using special character ' or ? and a character key. e.g. ?.
All uppercase letters are written as the combination of keys e.g. ? - I type ?. Nothing is displayed after this step. Word processor or any other program is waiting for additional key stroke e.g. D. Than ? is displayed. Unfortenately this does not work in scribus-ng. I always see wrong transformation e.g. ?D.

If I write my article in open office and than I copy it to text frame all characters are displayed in correct way!
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duplicate of 0001908 closedavox Dead Keys do not work 



2009-10-11 11:31

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Duplicate of issue 0001908

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