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Summary0008625: Graphic Styles for Shapes and Images
DescriptionI'm not sure if this has been addressed. The line styles is a big plus+++ Graphic styles would be a major addition being able to define a real time editable style for shapes, images and hand drawn objects. Being able to apply a drop shadow to an image with an embedded path "Photoshop .psd, jpeg, etc" would be the greatest!
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duplicate of 0004622 new Frame Styles (Mockup included) 



2009-12-10 06:07

reporter   ~0022932

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What if we have Scribus produce a transparent PNG for the drop shadow base on either a line or clipping path or filled object, that way a lot of resources would not be use for the live effects because the shadow is only a hi-res PNG render. The live effects would only become live when you make the drop shadow for the first time or when adjustments are made to an existing drop shadow then Scribus would re-render the drop shadow to PNG again. Transparent PNG's work quite well in Scribus for overlapping objects.


2009-12-10 07:46

administrator   ~0022934

Duplicate of already existing feature request : frame styles (0004622) and drop shadow (0003712)

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