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0008722ScribusFontspublic2016-04-05 00:24
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Product Version1.3.5 
Summary0008722: handling lots of fonts better.
Descriptionscribus always presents a list of all available fonts (can be a lot), which makes selecting fonts tedious. There should be a way to make it easy to select the few fonts that are used in this document easily. Suggestions:

· font-select-menues only show the fonts, that are used in the document and a “others”-entry, clicking on “others” then gives a full list.

· an easy way to select per-document fontslist. In the document-settings-dialog the fontlist misses a button to deselect all (unused) fonts at the moment.
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related to 0007901 new add choice to display all or used fonts in SE, preferences and styles 
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has duplicate 0010042 closedjghali Improve Available Fonts Preference 
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2010-01-18 17:40

reporter   ~0023102

Similar bugs are 0008435 and 0007901.


2010-01-20 17:58

manager   ~0023118

+ 1 for the "used fonts" button...


2011-06-27 10:13

reporter   ~0026484

Last edited: 2011-06-27 10:14

Deselecting fonts on a per-document basis is possible in the Prefs dialogue. It involves a lot of click-work.

A simple fix to this would be:

a new "Inverse Selection Button" in Prefs/Fonts.

Just deselect the few fonts you want from your hundreds of installed. Then press the new "Inverse Selection" button. Thats it. If you need more fonts later, just click them.


2015-04-17 11:27

developer   ~0034939

If the "Document Setup / Fonts" selection was saved with the document - rather than as Scribus-wide (as it is now, on 1.4.5 OSX anyway) - the user could set-up a document with the fonts they want to be available then save it as a template. Then just select the appropriate template with the appropriate fonts when creating a new document. (For example, you could create a template for each client - or purpose - with only "their fonts" initially available.)

However, I agree that a "Used Fonts" button(?) would be great, and an "Invert Selection" button on the "Fonts" tab in "Preferences" and "Document Setup" dialogs would be nice too.


2015-04-17 12:44

developer   ~0034940

Last edited: 2015-04-17 12:44

As long as there is a "font setup" in the "Document preferences", this dialog should only display the really used fonts and should not display the fonts that are not related to the document.

(But since changing the settings in that dialog changes a global file, it has impacts on all scribus documents : it changes both the UI and the way the PDFs are created. IMO its dangerous to keep that dialog in the document preferences)

In the "application settings" dialog, some "filtering" buttons would help the work :
- view otf or ttf or type1 fonts only
- view "use fonts" only (not "used" since this is meaningless in a global context)
- view fonts with"AR" (for example) in name only
- view subseted fonts only


2015-04-17 13:23

developer   ~0034941

I'm of the opinion that nothing in "Document Setup" should make global changes. Changes in there should only affect the current document. If something in there affects the global environment then it should be removed as it is - at best - confusing. By all means leave it in "Preferences", but not in "Document Setup".

I'd also give my backing to more font selection/filtering techniques as you have mentioned. Text/Fonts are such a major part of Scribus that more control would seem very sensible.

Also - and this is probably stretching this particular issue, but it is related as it's about selecting fonts - a little "font preview" in the drop-down selection menu would be very useful. Something simple like what GIMP does with the little "Aa" graphic would be enough. Each menu item would then be something like "Aa <fontname> <type>". (I'm guessing that - for most users - the preview would be more useful than what the font type is.)

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