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0009222ScribusTypographypublic2010-07-02 03:27
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Summary0009222: save Available as font-profile
DescriptionIt's very nice to make some fonts unavailable but when the font list is quite huge, it can take a lot of time to modify it. When this has to be done regularily, i guess it would be nice to save available font-list in a profile so that the user can easily get the same configuration wherever he is.
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related to 0008722 new handling lots of fonts better. 



2010-06-30 18:43

reporter   ~0024278

Scribus can use fonts that are not installed in OS, so you can just copy set of fonts to specific folder (or just use "collect for output") and give Scribus path to it. Profile (which is only list if I get you right) would help wherever user is, cause he needs font files.
Good thing to improve would be checkbox for (de)activation additional path instead of deleting it.

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