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0008735ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-05-25 04:50
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PlatformLinuxOSKubuntuOS VersionKarmic
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0008735: View - Fit to height - with and without rules
DescriptionWith rules view enabled (default) and without rules zoom factor after Fit to Height (Ctrl 0) (sorry if it has different name in english - I use polish system and polish UI) and visible page view is the same.
Steps To Reproduce1. open document
2. ctrl 0 to fit view to page view
3. in menu View / Show rules switch to off
4. ctrl 0 to fit page view in new larger area

result - nothing happens, page view is not enlarged
Additional InformationIn current 16:9 monitor environment enlarged vertical space and view for our portrait oriented documents is more important than ever. Ctrl 0 should tot view of page more exactly.
In addition I would like to vote for feature of customizing UI at bottom of Scribus window. Now it take 2 rows. In my opinion it can take only one row - it would give us additional vertical space for page view. And... what about "full screen" mode of Scribus window - I mean window fit to whole desktop without decorations and with autohiding menu and status bar (if you so called this things at bottom). Of course everything customizable in preferences.
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related to 0010235 confirmed In Single Page mode you should Center the page in the Viewport (Ctrl+0) 
related to 0014090 new Toggling between Fit to Height and 100% view (AKA ctrl+0 and ctrl+1) walks the viewport left 



2016-05-22 18:01

developer   ~0041306

Tested: Linux Mint 17.3; r21264

I can reproduce!


2016-05-22 18:08


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