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0008919ScribusPDFpublic2016-03-08 05:59
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Product Version1.3.3.12 
Summary0008919: PDF objects on master page aren't generated as PDF form fields and their PDF properties cannot be set
DescriptionIt is not possible to set the PDF field properties on a master page. Nor are the PDF fields in the resulting PDF recognized as PDF fields by Acrobat.

0002412:0006067 suggests this could be the correct behavior, but I wonder.

I use Scribus to create a PDF with form fields which can be filled by another application. The application maps the PDF fields to it's variables and uses the PDF as a sort of template to generate pre-filled PDF documents.

I wish to have some fields occurring on exactly the same spot on every page to print a date and time. A master page would be the ideal solution to do this.

Now it's confusing because I am allowed to add PDF objects to a master page, but their behavior in the end result is not being a PDF object anymore.

If this behavior is by design and cannot be changed to the expected behavior then my suggestion would be to disallow adding PDF objects to a master page.
Steps To Reproduce* Create a new document;
* Choose Edit > Master Pages to start editing a master page;
* Make sure the PDF toolbar is available by setting menu windows > PDF Tools;
* Select "PDF Field" from the PDF Toolbar;
* Draw the field anywhere on the canvas;
* Open the context menu (right click) of the newly created object and goto PDF Options;
* Context menu is empty and field properties can not be selected.
Additional InformationIs definitely related to issue 0002412 but not per se a duplicate of it.
Could be a child of meta issues 0003831 and/or 0003837.
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related to 0002412 closed Not possible to make PDF annotations in a Template /Master Page 
child of 0003831 acknowledged Metabug: PDF Forms 
child of 0003837 acknowledged Metabug: Master pages/Page templates 



2012-10-03 13:38

manager   ~0029017

with a Pdf created by 1.5.0svn evince correctly recognizes the text fields placed on the master page.

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