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0008992ScribusLanguage Toolspublic2010-04-05 23:19
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Summary0008992: Scribus does not allow to type some special characters of Slovak alphabet

I am using Scribus for publishing our local newspaper in Slovakia. Slovak language has several special characters like ?š??žýáíé.

It is possible to type these characters in two ways:
1. type the special character directly by pressing the key like: á
2. type the special character by combination of two characters like: ' a results to á

Problem is in second scenario. There are some characters which are not possible to type by single key press like ? or ó. So Scribus displays ?d instead of ? or 'o instead of ó.

If I type the character in some other editor and do copy paste of it Scribus displays it correctly.

Hope it make sense.

If you need more info please let me know.

Best regards and good luck
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duplicate of 0001908 closedavox Dead Keys do not work 



2010-04-05 23:10

reporter   ~0023639

Duplicate of 0001908.


2010-04-05 23:19

administrator   ~0023640

Yep duplicate of issue 0001908

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