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0009042ScribusUser Interfacepublic2014-04-06 18:36
Reportersubeditor Assigned Tocbradney  
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Product Version1.3.7svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0009042: Unused space in status bar area
DescriptionRight now here are two bars. Lower one is used for about 20-30%, higher one for about 30-50% (depends on screen resolution).
That topic were mentioned few years ago -
Is this area reserved for something?
Since some view options are placed there already, suggestion is to add some frequently options: show/hide guides, rulers, control characters, sticky tools etc.
Or may be just combine these two bars together?
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related to 0007368 closedcbradney Redesign bottom part of workspace 
has duplicate 0010416 closedjghali Control panels at bottom of window wasteful of space 



2010-04-22 21:32

administrator   ~0023762

They are supposed to be merged into one whenever we enabled single document interface mode. LOw priority.. help required. :)


2010-04-22 22:04

manager   ~0023763

personally, i prefer to see the two toolbars merged in one than seeing even more buttons down there...

@craig: can the merging of the toolbars be done, now?

last time i've asked, i was advised to wait for some more changes in the code...


2010-04-23 16:39

administrator   ~0023777

Ale, if you have the time, then yes, in 1.5svn


2010-04-23 20:08

manager   ~0023781

not before the lgm...


2010-04-24 07:28

reporter   ~0023796

May be a couple of "overall" buttons/status tips would useful on lower bar: sticky tool button/status and snap to guides button/status. They will let one know what behavior of tools/frames is expected at the moment.


2010-04-24 07:36

manager   ~0023797

subeditor, if you agree that we should have only one status bar, can we discuss the feature request on 0007368 instead of here?

this feature request should be only used if somebody wants to put more functionality in *two* status bars!


2010-04-24 09:48

reporter   ~0023800

Ok, cause I vote for one status bar, I moved to
O should I post new feature request for ONE status bar with added functionality?

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