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0009048ScribusGeneralpublic2024-01-02 21:12
ReporteraliB Assigned Tonitramr  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformDell Inspiron 9400OSLinuxOS VersionOpenSuSE 11.2
Product Version1.3.6 
Fixed in Version1.7.0.svn 
Summary0009048: Better control for the origin and basepoint of all frames
Description1) The origin settings in the property pallet should be rearranged and enhanced as shown in the screenshot.

2) In addition there should be also an option to specify the basepoint (zero point) of the page and if the zero point is the page itself or the page border.
Especially with the last setting it would be easier to work with documents with a left and a right side which have different inner and outer border sizes.

ATM, if a left page changes to a right page (because I inserted or removed an additional page) all frames have to be rearranged.

3) Behavior improvements
Pressing an arrow button with the left mouse button should change the current frame position.
Pressing an arrow button with the right mouse button should keep the current position and update x, y, and z values
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related to 0015896 new [PATCH] Indigo UI: shrink the size of the XYZ pane 
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2010-04-23 08:53


basepoint_property.png (75,815 bytes)   
basepoint_property.png (75,815 bytes)   


2010-04-23 23:02

reporter   ~0023792

I uploaded picture how this is handled by Xara. Additional basepoint of objects are useful (for lines there would be only middle and end dots*). Other feature (page, pageborder) seems useless to me.

* According to rotation of line would be activated the right icons.


2010-04-23 23:02


basepoint_Xara.png (236 bytes)   
basepoint_Xara.png (236 bytes)   


2010-04-24 07:04

manager   ~0023795

imho, referring to the page margin (instead of the page border) is only interesting if that measure is dynamic (that is: if the margin is redefined, the frames are moved).

otherwise i don't see any improvement against the current situation (typing "1cm + 50pt" is imho as complicated as having to deal with one more option... let's keep it simple!)


2010-04-25 05:17

administrator   ~0023809

More basepoints make sense, as do different reference points (we already use them for guides and the rulers).

What I don't like in screenshots, though, are the icons. The current version is much better, especially if we consider that b/w or greyscale icons are preferred in DTP apps.


2010-04-25 14:08

reporter   ~0023813

Last edited: 2010-04-25 14:09

I'm not shure if it should be posted here, but basepoint doesn't work when rotating frame with mouse (1.3.6). Imo it should act similar to numeric rotation.

+ 1 for more (4 corners + 4 border middles + 1 center = 9) basepoints


2010-04-26 06:46

reporter   ~0023820

Referring to page border is useful when you have different inner and outer border and a left / right page.
When you insert a page, every following page changes from a left page to a right page (and vise versa) So you have to correct the layout of !every! following page.


2019-11-05 14:05

manager   ~0046976

i don't think that adding a widget for defining the "page" basepoint is reaelly useful.

we already have a context menu in the origin of the rulers (which is hard to use and too hidden).

an improvement would be to snap the origin to the bleed, page border, margin and guides (or even items).
see 0015268.


2019-11-05 14:09

manager   ~0046977

since the new widget is being implemented in 0015896, i suggest to close this as soon as the new XYZ panel is accepted.


2024-01-02 16:20

developer   ~0050754

How about what IMO motivates this report ?
« ... work with documents with a left and a right side which have different inner and outer border sizes. ATM, if a left page changes to a right page (because I inserted or removed an additional page) all frames have to be rearranged. »


2024-01-02 21:12

manager   ~0050764

in the current state of scribus, i'm really not sure that being able to define the "anchoring" of the item on a side can be useful.

being able to move the items with the margins can be useful in some cases (even if the theory says that one should never delete a single page in a double page document...), but can probably better be solved in a different way (as long as the inner width does not change... which is what happens in most cases)

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