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0009464ScribusGeneralpublic2016-05-09 15:17
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PlatformIntel core2 DuoOSLinuxOS VersionUbuntu 10.10
Product Version1.3.8 
Summary0009464: Text formatting changes itself
DescriptionWhen a document is being constructed the text is formatted and imported from Open Office. When another frame is edited or imported the text formatting changes in some of the already completed frames.
Steps To ReproduceI set up the template for my 24 page magazine with 2 columns per page for pages 3 to 23 and insert an Open Office document into a set of linked frames. Then insert three or more documents and save after each insertion.
Use the text editor to make a small change to any one of the documents inserted and at least one of the others will have changed its formatting.
Additional InformationThis may be connected to another bug relating to the text editing facility.

I can't upload the file as it is 2.3Mb at its smallest.
Tags#pending, #please_test


related to 0013643 assignedfschmid Return of the Style import features for text (but this time better) 
related to 0008024 acknowledged More intelligent handling of imported styles 
related to 0011420 confirmed 1.5 style management during page import 
related to 0010107 new Allow style matching when importing ODT files 
related to 0011814 confirmed Managing styles when pasting an object coming from another document 



2016-04-26 22:08

updater   ~0040520

Ben, do you mind testing this?


2016-04-28 04:30

reporter   ~0040564

Last edited: 2016-05-02 17:56

The reporter, Heracles, describes a 21-page span of double-column pages, with at least some of the text frames linked. Over that many pages, it seems likely that the text frames were automatically created by Scribus, in which case they were ALL linked and behave as one huge text frame for the purposes of this ticket. If so, Heracles would have actually been using a series of append imports to populate the frames. Heracles reports that he was importing from OpenOffice. Currently append imports from OpenOffice are broken (ticket 0014010), making a faithful replication in the most current SVN impossible.

Some thoughts anyway

Heracles reports that the anomaly occurs when a frame is edited or imported. These could be two very different issues. Using Scribus 1.4.3 (Heracles used 1.3.8), I was able to create an editing anomaly matching Hereacles' description, but I was never able to repeat it, leading me to think that I had actually stumbled across 0013779, with perhaps a bit of 0011974 before I realized it. An importing anomaly is much easier to create, either by the process documented in 0007359 or by simply not checking the box to prepend a tag to the incoming style name to guarantee uniqueness.

This report may provide another example of the need for more nuanced options in dealing with the styles when importing styled text (tickets 0013643, 0008024, 0011420, 0010107, 0011814). Text imports affect only the contents of the one text frame they are placed in. Styles, on the other hand, have an intentionally document-wide scope. In the case of a style name collision during import, the current ODT importer rewrites the document-wide style to reflect the settings in the ODT file currently being imported. The "prepend item name" option during import can usually solve this problem by changing the imported style's name to simulate a separate style scope (namespace) for each import destination (not each import source, see next paragraph).


The current SVN prepends the name of the text frame; the previous importer prepended the name of the .odt source file. This is an important distinction when appending imports into the same text frame. The prior importer provided the necessary uniqueness to prevent an import from changing pre-existing contents during appends; the current importer does not. If the reporter has created an entire magazine body consisting of one set of linked text frames, that would bypass any protections offered by the prepend frame title option because there is effectively only one body frame and all imported styles are back to sharing names again, even with the prepend option.

Suggested relationship: 0007359, possibly even the ticket originator's real problem; we don't have enough information to be sure.

Thanks for your patience. Hope this helps.

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