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Summary0009523: could not input Chinese via double-click editting (Ibus as input method)
DescriptionAfter double-click text-frame, user are unable to input Chinese (Ibus as input method)
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duplicate of 0013612 confirmed No input method preedit when one inputs CJ text directly into a text frame 
has duplicate 0012111 closedjghali IME input does not work correctly on Linux and Windows (Japanese, Chinese) 



2016-02-03 18:13

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I think this is a known issue as Chinese can only be input via SE as per 0013612

What does "Ibus as input method" mean?
Edit: Answered via IRC
fyliu__: Ibus is a utility that has plugins to support different language inputs, Chinese is one of them. Scim is another one I know of. Their compatibility with various software can be hit or miss.
fyliu__: Ibus takes ASCII characters and returns the corresponding characters in Chinese or other language. There are lookup tables for each language.


2016-02-09 16:57

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ftake, is this a duplicate of 0013612


2016-02-09 17:05

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Yes, this is.


2016-02-09 19:16

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Thanks ftake :)
Closing this ticket in favor of 0013612

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