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0009574ScribusUser Interfacepublic2012-01-03 19:16
Reporterchocobanana Assigned Tocbradney  
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Product Version1.3.9 
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Summary0009574: Lots of vertical pixels wasted in 1.3.9 interface
DescriptionScribus 1.3.9's UI can be better optimized to save on vertical pixels usage. Since documents are mostly vertically distributed, this is a crucial concern.

The 1st area of improvement are the status bars. They could be either merged or made both option, the user should have the choice.

The 2nd improvement is placing the toolbar vertically on the left side of the screen.

The 3rd area for improvement concerns Mac OS only and it involves attaching the toolbars to the document windows instead of having a master Scribus container window, therefore eliminating the pixel waste from a second window title bar.

I attached a screenshot that shows how could Scribus UI be best optimized for screen real estate without possibly involving huge implementation efforts. It was made on Mac OS.
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duplicate of 0007368 closedcbradney Redesign bottom part of workspace 



2010-12-10 19:48



2010-12-10 20:10

manager   ~0025051

1/ no option, please: the two toolbars have to be merged!

2/ you can already do that... just drag the toolbar in there...

3/ it may or may not be possible... i fear it depends on qt...


2010-12-10 21:52

administrator   ~0025053

Changing priority and severity to something reasonable.


2010-12-10 22:31

reporter   ~0025055

Posted 4 years ago, already assigned:


2012-01-02 11:29

reporter   ~0027428

I was very disappointed to see that in 1.4 the status bar area was still not condensed. It is such a huge waste of precious vertical pixels, especially for laptop users. PLEASE up the priority of this improvement!


2012-01-03 07:55

reporter   ~0027433

I think that's duplicate of 0007368

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