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0009933ScribusGeneralpublic2017-10-02 05:50
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Summary0009933: Decimal when we use pica as unit
DescriptionWhen I want to place a text frame with precision (eg. 3p3.1) automatically he moves to 0p0 ...

It's the same when I want to do calculations to place object. 3P3 + 3P6 works fine, but not 3p3.1 + 3p2.4

It's the same with dimension of frame.
Steps To Reproduce- Make a frame (text, image, etc.)
- Try to set X or Y position to 3p3.1 It will replace value by 0p0.
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has duplicate 0012410 closedcbradney Entering decimal point values not possible when document UOM is picas 



2016-05-23 08:12

developer   ~0041324

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Tested Linux Mint 17.3; r21264; 1.5.2svn

I can partly reproduce.

"When I want to place a text frame with precision (eg. 3p3.1) automatically he moves to 0p0 ... "

Value not 0p0, but not correct.
- Make TextBox X-Pos: 3p4
- Write PP - Geometry - X-pos: 3p5.5 (enter)
- Value restore: 3p4
- Click TextBox
- Use SHIFT + right arrow
- See the X-pos field! It can be done 3p5.5 value!

Conversion not correct (i should say not):
1p0 -> Scribus say: 4.233mm
1p0 -> say: 4.2175176mm (rounded 4.220)


2016-05-23 08:19

developer   ~0041325

Now I can see: 0012410 (closed)


2017-10-02 05:50

manager   ~0044465

here a detailed description of the issue by portreve:,2625.msg12199.html#msg12199

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