Scheduled For Release 2020-02-23
Hopefully addressed in the next development cycle
0014800: [Import / Export] Hyphenation instructions don't work with copied and pasted text
0014361: [Color Management] warn if cmyk colors are in use but no icc profile could be found
0003822: [Fonts] Stroke of letters overlap the inside of the letters themselves.
0014121: [Story Editor / Text Frames] VariableText-Marks get repeated on linebreak
0014181: [Usability] Frame break, Anchors and deleted character the end of the paragraph: Crash
0014175: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Error in page number (“Reference to Mark”) when anchors are in linked text frames
0014176: [Usability] Insert Two Variable Text and Backspace --> Crash
0014473: [General] Opacity value in Layers palette not working if only one layer
0001778: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Support vertical text (Japanese, etc) (avox)
0012588: [Usability] Master Page import Improvements (ale)
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